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The Doctor Who drinking game

Alrighty now! I dunno if anyone else has ever done this before, so if not, I think it’s high time someone else has done. Here are the rules…

1. Whenever the doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver. 

2. Whenever he gets an idea. 

3. Whenever you see the TARDIS. 

4. Whenever his traveling companion argues with him. 

5. Whenever there is some sort of cheap computer animation. 

6. Whenever you see or there is mention of a daleck or a cyberman. 

7. Every time there is a mention of Torchwood. 

8. Anytime humanity is at stake.

9. Anytime the Doctor gains a new traveling companion. 

10. Whenever a new piece of time lord technology is found. 

Have fun getting shnockered! 

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